"This was the best seminar I have ever attended. Dr. Jordan was so uplifting- I never saw so many people laugh so much at an ORNL gathering - even the sound man was cracking up!" 
Emily Duncan, Knoxville, Tennessee

"I can't remember when I have laughed so hard and for so long."  Donna Wurm, Abingdon, VA

"Your comic vision presentations in Knoxville and Chattanooga were the highlight of the conference.
You're tea-rrific!"  Cynthia H. Headrick, Knoxville, Tennessee

"Needless to say, you were a great hit!  You are the talk of the Center today. What a great legacy you leave."  Ralph Bohannon, Athens, Tennessee

"You were the hit of the day!  I'm still receiving calls from people raving about your talk."
Elaine Huff-Lowe, Greenville, South Carolina

Your presentation was one of the most enlightening sessions I have ever heard.  Lewis Grizzard couldn't hold a match to you." 
Linda Thornton, Blackshear, Georgia

"Quite frankly, we believe your seminar was one of the best we have ever had."
Robert Scott, Greenville, SC

"We have had so much feedback from folks telling us how much they enjoyed your inspirational talk!"
Cathy E. Brown, Jefferson City, Tennessee

"Your presentation was given raves by our teachers. Your enthusiasm for life is contagious."
Dr. Stephen E. Burcham,  Dandridge, Tennessee

"You were the hit of the conference.  As people would pass, they would quote one of your lines and just laugh." 
Joe Browning, Nashville, Tennessee

"To say the least, you were the hit of the conference." 
John Thompson, Atlanta, Georgia

"Don't know when I've laughed so much!" Sandra Moore, Knoxville, TN

"All the evaluations were overwhelmingly enthusiastic about your talk.  We want to have you back again. It was great!" 
Jayne Crisp, Greenville, SC

"I have heard more favorable comments about this inservice than any other that I can recall.  Our teachers said this was the best inservice we have ever had." 
Sam J. Shepherd, Morristown, TN

"Your speech was the hit of the Smoky Mountain Counseling Association's East Tennessee Guidance Clinic.  Every evaluation was an Excellent!"
Phyllis Sullivan, Knoxville, TN

"Outstanding! Fantastic! Great! Terrific!  These are just some of the comments made to me by the students attending your seminar on Stress Management." 
Gary Schneider,
University of Tennessee, at Knoxville

"Thank you for your outstanding presentation.  On a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high), you received a ten from all 200 teachers and staff members."
Linda Hodges, Rutledge, Tennessee

"We have received nothing but exceptional comments describing your presentation -- wonderful, excellent, hilarious, entertaining, thought-provoking, captivating." 
Debbie Knox, Oak Ridge, TN

"You did a great job and our people loved it.  Not one convention evaluation came back with your presentation marked other than excellent." 
Dave West, Nashville, TN

"Your presentation was the highlight of the conference." 
Kathy Whitaker, Johnson City, Tennessee

"Dr. Farris Jordan's presentation was wonderful. Laughter is the best medicine."
Beverly Mathis, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

"I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar.  I haven't laughed that much in ages!"
Dan Porter, Jackson, MS

"I have never enjhoyed a seminar as much as I enjoyed this one. Dr Jordan was absolutely wonderful!"
Connie Dowker, Oak Ridge, TN

"Farris, Again thank you for a wonderful, inspiring, humorous, and heartfelt message.  All of the attendees rated you as Excellent!" 
Janice Ernest, Memphis, Tennessee

"What a delight it was to hear you speak.  You will be to psychologists what Bob Newhart is to accountants!" 
Erlinda Britt, Tampa, Florida

"There were very few evaluations out of 1000 that did not specifically mention you.  The impact you have on an audience is awesome!"
Martha Glenn, Greenville, SC

"Your appearance was definitely the highlight of our ladies' conference program! I'm still receiving accolades for selecting such a charming speaker." Bonnie Schneider, Columbia, SC

"Your speaker was excellent - totally hilarious and entertaining, yet with good, thought-provoking points." 
Kathy McIntyre, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

"That was absolutely one of the best seminars I've ever been to!" 
Vicki Mayfield, Knoxville, TN

"That was the best seminar I have ever attended." 
Dinah Gray, Oak Ridge, TN


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